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Specialties Sales and Installation

CSi employs specialties installers—fulltime, seasoned professionals whose sole responsibility is the preparation and installation of Division 10, 11 and 12 Specialties. The CSi team has the knowledge to solve the most challenging installation projects. With hundreds of years of collective employee construction experience, CSi is known in the industry as the go-to subcontractor for unusual or difficult work.

As a result of completing over 4,000 specialties projects, CSi has established a thorough pre-installation process. A multiple-point checklist is reviewed during each site visit prior to mobilization, ensuring that all necessary measurements are recorded and materials are secured.

Prepared and ready to respond

Since nearly all specialties installation work is scheduled for the last few weeks of the construction process, CSI crews stay in contact with the project manager and are ready to respond when needed to maintain the project schedule and completion deadline.

Timely submittals

Thorough, timely submittals with complete and accurate information ensure owners and designers have the information they need to make selection decisions quickly.

A library of product literature, colors and textures provides clients an opportunity to view selections and approve colors and finishes prior to placing orders. CSi maintains a database of completed projects so clients can view a product in place.

Lead-time monitoring and order verification

With frequent project monitoring throughout building construction, CSI makes certain that:

  • Manufacturers’ orders are placed and received.
  • Incoming orders are immediately processed to confirm accuracy and completeness. Materials are staged by job in CSi’s warehouse for immediate access during installation.
  • Field measurements are verified.
  • Submittals are processed and approved.
  • Any potential delays are promptly mitigated.

Field measurements and compliance monitoring

CSi’s field measurement process goes well beyond checking dimensions and conditions related to specialties installation. Technicians watch for compliance with ADA and local code for plumbing placement, possible plumbing or wiring obstructions, adequate clearances, and verify that blocking and supports are in place.

Fulltime, dedicated specialties installers

CSi’s specialties installers have seen nearly every issue that may arise. By conducting thorough pre-installation inspections, issues are identified before they become serious problems.

In-house fabrication shops help meet critical deadlines

In the event of a damaged or missing item, CSi may be able to provide a stocked substitute to complete the project. With an in-house millwork shop, and metal fabrication shop, CSi’s craftsmen can fabricate replacements or temporary pieces to meet critical project deadlines with high quality components.

Zero punchlist results

Because of CSi’s product knowledge and commitment to quality work and client satisfaction, the goal on all specialties projects is to achieve a zero punch list. The results speak for themselves with repeat business and delighted customers.