In-house Fabrication Shops

With in-house wood and metal fabrication shops, CSi can accelerate schedules, build custom cabinetry, fabricate structural elements and replacement parts, and pre-finish materials at our facility.

Wood Millwork Shop

CSi’s wood craftsmen and millwork shop are critical to the success of numerous CSi projects. With the capability to design, craft, fabricate and finish custom wood cabinetry, desks, wall units, trim and doors, portions of many projects are performed in the CSi facility either simultaneously or in advance of the on-site work.

Performing this work in the wood fabrication shop can save considerable time in the project schedule and keep the construction dust and noise out of your workspace.

Metal Fabrication Shop

Skilled craftsmen fabricate or modify metal components, doors, frames, and hardware specifically to order. By doing the work in-house, turnaround time can be reduced to just days instead of the industry-standard of several weeks for critical elements.

Stock materials are kept in-stock in CSi’s warehouse for quick-response and emergency situations.