The CSi Self-performance Difference

CSi has long been widely recognized as the go-to contractor for projects with challenging work environments, unusual requirements, and difficult schedules and for clients that expect exceptional quality and service.

CSi is one of the few specialty and general contractors that continues to self-perform all trades except plumbing, electrical and HVAC.

CSi’s self-performance capabilities are uniquely well-suited for projects in occupied work spaces and for clients that require a high level of job site security, schedule flexibility, responsiveness, and sensitivity to your customers and work flow.

The Benefits of Self-performance

Self-performance of all general trades by CSi’s experienced craftsmen is fundamental to consistently delivering the following benefits:

  • Better schedule control – because the project is staffed with CSi’s skilled craftsmen, we control the schedule and your project is not at the mercy of subcontractors’ availability. Self-performance also allows for greater flexibility to schedule work when it will be least disruptive to your clients.
  • Fast, accurate budgets – because we perform the work, we have historical cost data from thousands of projects that allows us to respond very quickly with a highly accurate budget numbers that you can count on.
  • Tighter security – we know exactly who will be on your project and in your work space because they are CSi’s employees or the few select trade contractors that we regularly use. CSi’s performance of background checks and our drug-testing policies help create a safer workforce and secure job sites.We inform your staff exactly who will be in your workspace and communicate with our employees and trade partners so they know where to report.
  • Higher quality – quality is not sacrificed for speed or budget. Your project is staffed with experienced craftsmen who are specialists in their trade.CSi’s efficient management practices and skilled in-house craftsmen consistently deliver excellent quality on schedule and within budget.
  • Greater value for our clients – the combination of high quality, schedule control, secure work sites and competitive pricing results in exceptional value.

Need budget numbers for your project?

We understand that facility and property managers often need immediate budget numbers they can count on. A proprietary budgeting process developed with years of input and thousands of projects allows us to respond with a highly accurate budget typically within a day, if required.

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